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CNB’s debut EP has officially been released! It is available for streaming, and purchase, for $3, at the following sites:


Check it out and purchase the EP to help support us! All the money goes directly back into funding Cock ‘N Bulls and all of our future endeavors!! Feedback is appreciated as well! Thanks everyone!!

So, we decided on a price guys. In an attempt to keep the EP cheap, we are selling our debut 9 track EP for only three dollars online!! You can purchase it on Artist Signal, or at our Reverbnation profile, or on Bandcamp, or on our website.  It will be uploaded, tomorrow around 2 pm. feel free to check it out, we’d love your support!! 🙂

CNB EP Update

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Cock ‘N Bulls debut EP will officially be released on Tuesday, August 6th at 2:00 PM!!! That’s right guys, the wait is over!! We have already started on our second EP which shouldn’t be too far behind this one, we will post a more complete update once we talk it all over but just wanted to share that little bit with you guys!! 🙂

New CNB Video Uploaded!!!

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Go check out the new CNB video ‘Nascar Digits Pt. 2’!!! 🙂

I uploaded some videos from the bands early days (about 6 years ago) before we even dreamed of where we may be today! Go and check them all out at the CNB YouTube Channel, especially the skit we did called ‘NASCAR Digits’. We will be releasing the new skit that I just finished editing today, on there as well, called ‘NASCAR Digits Pt. 2’, so you’re in for a real treat!! Also, don’t forget to vote for us on Artist Signal, we get money for the votes, and you can re-vote every hour. This money would really help fund the band for the future, providing us money for merchandise for our loyal fans, as well as equipment for both our audio and video recordings, as well as for our future live shows!! As an unsigned, low budget, DIY, band we really need this support and we would be eternally grateful! Thanks to all those who do and will support us! We can’t do it without you!! Also, don’t forget to like our Facebook profile as well!! 🙂

How, you ask??  Well, it’s really quite rather simple!!  All you need to do, is go to and sign in with your Facebook account. Once you do that you can vote for us once every hour, and the best part is that, not only does it not cost you anything, but it earns us money, as well as enabling you to get free rewards from us, based off how many times you end up voting for us!!  We could really use your help and support and we would greatly appreciate all the help that we get. Thank you to all those who will take a few seconds out of their days to help us, we couldn’t do it without you guys!!